July 18, 2005

Julie Burchill of the times

Julie Burchill of the times has a good article about Islam and multiculturalism asking.Why should we tolerate these Islamofascists who hate us all? And why is it always the native Britians that take the blame for the inadiquacies of the Islamic immigrant populations. We bend over backwards to try and help them, but most of the time they do not recipricate.
This sort of Islamofascist hates multiculturalism. Just you try building a church in Saudi Arabia! They won’t even let our troops out there celebrate St Valentine’s Day. And as for any idea of the races being equal . . . it is the Muslim world that keeps slavery alive, and Muslim governments, as in Sudan, that see nothing whatsoever wrong with ethnic cleansing. Recently a Muslim columnist wrote sorrowfully of how in her culture a Muslim girl marrying a black man was the greatest shame that could fall upon a family. So much for equality under Islam.

"We, the host community, have accepted multiculturalism; the issue now is whether hardline — and I stress hardline — Muslims can do the same.

To my eyes at least, “live and let live” seems to be a concept they have a problem with; until they can grasp it, as the Sikhs and Hindus have (who have at least as strong and rich a culture, but feel no need to burn books, form parliaments, set up separatist schools and kill their fellow Britons to demonstrate this), the jury is still out on whether hardline Muslims can truly live happily in non-Muslim countries. And, after all, they have 56 — count ’em! — of their own to go to if they don’t like it. They are spoilt for choice."
Exactly, if they feel they are oppressed here then they can always leave. If they decide to live here then obviously there is something that is better about this country than the ones ruled by Sharia. And it isn't the weather.


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